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- Cardinal Valerian Gracias - hockey player and priest from Rasulji Building
- Fr. John B. Todd - stalwart priest, school principal and defender of the faith - Cabral Building.
- Fr. Gaspar Mendes - son of the great teacher and sports enthusiast Pat Mendes -Rasulji Building
- Fr. Augustine Fernandes - brother of Super Fernandes
- Fr. Bonnie Mendes - brother of Esdras & Cyril Mendes - opposite Goan Union.
- Fr. Leonard Fernandes - son of the friendly and generous M.B. Fernandes - Rasulji Building
- Sr. Reena Fernandes - daughter of M.B. Fernandes - Rasulji Building
- Sr. Doris Fernandes - daughter of M.B. Fernandes - Rasulji Building
- Sr. Berna Fernandes - daughter of M.B. Fernandes - Rasulji Building
- Sr. Olive Fernandes - daughter of M.B. Fernandes - Rasulji Building
- Sr. Helen Fernandes - sister of Joe, Simona and Juliet - Ameejee Valeejee Building
- Sr. Dorothy Dias - sister of Simona, Phil, Joe and Johnny Dias - Cabral Building
- Sr. Delphine Furtado - daughter of Rosie Furtado - adjacent to Rasulji Building
- Sr. Gracy Furtado - daughter of Rosie Furtago - adjacent to Rasulji Building

Sports, Education, Medicine, Government, Business & Cultural Affairs:

- B. F. Cabral - Municipal councilor and owner Cabral Building
- "Sir" Patrick Mendes - Master educator/tutor/sports coach and wizard of cricket, hockey, tennis, football.
- "Sir" Jacob Harris - Top flite Sports Coach and selector of famous cricketers to represent Pakistan.
- Diego Britto - Secretary, Sind Cricket & Hockey Association
- Peter (PP) Fernandes -super sportsman & representative -All India Hockey Olympics - Berlin 1939
- Jack Britto - gentleman hockey/cricket star-represented Pakistan at Helsinki Olympics, Finland 1952
- Katie Gomes - tough, disciplinarian teacher of many successful students from St. Pats
- Dr.(Mrs) Bessie Paes - Homoepathic Medicine & Community Health Provider.
- Philip Fonseca -Successful lawyer for businesses and individuals
- Tom Rodericks - Mechanical Engineer and Business owner
- Lawrie Thomas - Senior Shipping Officer - Mackinnon, Mackenzie
- Nicholas Mansey - Multi-Lingual Master - Tutored students including Archbishop Cordeiro
- Bryan Maloney - All Star Karachi Snooker & Billiard Champion
- Mickey Mendes - Operations Manager - Air France
- Anthony Franco - Senior Police Officer - Karachi District
- Alex Todd - Senior BOAC aircraft engineer, Beautiful Brassware Provider for St Pats Church
- Ozzie Todd - Senior BOAC aircraft engineer, Mansfield St Procession Organizer & decorator.
- Edward D'Souza - Owner Filip & Co. Furniture Retailer and Home furniture rentals
- Stan Lawrence - creative hockey star & "True survivor" of a major Marine Disaster - Arabian Seas
- Joe Fernandes - Dedicated Airline staffer lost in inaugural airline disaster (PIA)
- Willie Sebastian - Dedicated Airline staffer lost in inaugural airline disaster (PIA)
- M.F. D'Souza - Foreman, Karachi Electric Supply Corp. - Service & Emergency operations
- Anselm Fernandes - Senior reporter Dawn National News
- Cyril Mendes - Station Manager - Scandinavian Airlines System
- Len Pinto -Chartered Secretary - Spencer & Co. Pharmaceutical Distributors
- Vince Rodricks - Senior Administrative Officer - U.S. Embassy
- Emily Saldanha - Head Librarian St. Pat's
- Betsy Fonseca - Pianist, Music teacher and educator
- Earnest Dias - President, Karachi Goan Association and Star soccer player Karachi & Goa Championships.
- Sylvan Dias - brilliant soccer player Karachi & Goa Football Champion
- Alfie Dias - brilliant soccer player Karachi & Goa Football Champion
- John D'Souza - BOAC maintenance supervisor
- Joe Fernandes - Leader St. Pats High School Band & Operations Manager ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia
- Balthazar Mendes - Insurance executive and outstanding hockey/cricket player
- Norma Fernandes - Principal, Karachi Grammar School and Convent of Jesus & Mary, Clifton
- Earnest Mendes - Nuclear Science & Engineering expert - Denmark
- Ron Pinto - Incorporated Secretary and Accountant - Seimens Engineering
- Bosco Fernandes - Leader, St. Pat's Boy Scouts and reliable hockey player
- Tony (Buddha) Rodricks -Accountant - Louis Dreyfus & Co
- Reggie Rego - International Executive Banker - American Express
- Titus Rego - Executive Officer, State Life Insurance, Accountant and Table tennis champion
- Francis (Miku) Espinheiro - brilliant hockey goalie - St. Pat's School and College.
- George (Puttoo) Thomas - Excellent all star sportsman - hockey, cricket, football, u-name it.
- Johnny Monteiro -Record Breaking Javelin thrower, High speed runner & Bass drummer St Pat's Band
- Matthew Paes - Heavyweight Bodybuilder & High Speed "Face smashing" Bowler
- Ian Fyfe - Senior Sports Columnist - Dawn & Morning Star newspapers, humourist & a great Cricketer.

- John Fyfe - son of Thomas and Ruby Fyfe - Royal Air Force - Air Traffic Controller, great hockey player and RAF boxing champion. Nominee for gold medal from Queen Elizabeth II.
- Lucille Fyfe (better known as Susie) - daughter of Thomas and Ruby Fyfe - In charge of Airworthiness and Certification for International Aircraft Manufacturer in Italy.

Respected local Apostles:

- Matthew, Mark, Luke & John - well known businessmen, sportsmen, engineer, artist - Andrades family

Local Enforcers, Protectors and Peacemakers:

- Alex (Mullah) Espinheiro
- Johnny (Bulbul) D'Souza

Note: The above list was developed by a few ex-residents of Mansfield Street who left Karachi some 30 years ago. We're apologize if we have missed or re-titled some names and invite you to contact a committee member to have this list updated or visit our website at www.mansfieldstreet.ca and send us a message. Thank you.